BiNe Kaffeeklatsch
coffee round


© Thilo WetzelBiBerlin Sticker


© Thilo WetzelBiNe Sticker


This open meeting is ideal for people who don’t have time in the evening during the week. Every 2. Sunday of the month for the past 2 years the bi coffee round has been establishing itself. We meet at 15:00 at changing locations. The bi coffee round wants to provide all bisexuals, pansexuals, those who are indecisive or curious the possibility to get into conversation with one another inevitably.  There is no theme-based work, instead there is a space for talking about your own themes, experiences and questions and at the same time meeting people who have the same questions or share the same experiences. The meetings are not supposed to be heavy, much more they are supposed to be happy. Whether you already know that you are bi or pan or not – you are very welcome to join!Location will be announced at the Facebookevent.


08.07.2018 from 15:00



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