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In Summer the LGBTTIQ* Community presents itself in all its colours and invites everyone to take a stroll and discover the variety of what’s on offer in Germany’s queer capital. The Berlin Pride Guide offers an illuminating overview of events throughout BERLIN PRIDE SEASON as well as lots of good-to-know stuff concerning the Berlin LGBTTIQ* Community. Berlin welcomes you!
Berlin Pride, one of Europe’s largest pride events, will see it’s 40th rally on 28 July 2018. On this day the LGBTTIQ* community conquers the streets of Berlin, marching for visibility, acceptance and equality.
In the weeks around Berlin Pride, a lot of different events organised by LGBTTIQ* community organisations and directed at the community have been established. Events and rallys like the Lesbisch-Schwules Stadtfest (Berlin’s LGBTTIQ* street fair), the CSD auf der Spree, Gay Night at the Zoo, the Dyke* March, Respect Gaymes and the LesBiSchwule Parkfest in Friedrichshain have become an integral part of Berlin’s Pride calendar.
Every year, a whole number of parties and cultural events, readings, exhibitions, discussion and networking events, sports tournaments and much more add up to this. If you can’t find your event in the Berlin Pride Guide yet, send us your info: Just fill in the form under “Event eintragen” in the top right of the german version of this page. If you'd like your project to be added, please contact us by E-mail.

Event suggestions during Pride Season

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Our lgbttiq*-Lexicon will be online in June 2018

Here you'll soon find the most important terms concerning LGBTTIQ* and queer Berlin.

*Gender Star

*Gender Star

To draw attention to the diversity and the social construction of gender supposedly distinctively defined terms and gender specific endings can be marked with a superscript asterisk („Man*“, „Schwules Museum*“)

*Gender Star

info coming soon

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