Anklamer Straße 38, Berlin, Deutschland



Spinnboden Lesbian Archive and Library in Berlin
Back in 1973 “Spinnboden” the lesbian archive and library had been founded by HAW- Womens´ Group (later off the “lesbians activist´s center in west berlin”)
Besides Herstory Archive in New York “Spinnboden “ is the biggest lesbian archive worldwide, counting more than 14.000 objects, such as novels and non fiction in different languages, papers, grey materials, posters, photos, audiovisial media and estates.

Right away from the beginning “spinnboden” not only was a place for archive and research, but as well a meeting area for information and several cultural events.
Nowadays you find several offers, like hiking groups, a reading circle or an opportunity to go out together, as well as support groups or coachings about coming out, job topics or creative writing.
There are several events spread all over the year. in 2018 the “science slam” (in cooperation with FFBIZ and Sonntagsclub) will be one of the highlights, as well as our participation at the

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