ABqueer e.V.

Okerstraße 44, Berlin, Deutschland



The Berlin association ABqueer e.V. offers educational events and consultings on anti-discrimination work at schools. The main focus lies on sexual and gender diversity, questioning gender roles and the lifestyles of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans and intersex people.
The offers raise awareness of prejudice and discrimination and promote a respectful way of living and working together at schools and youth facilities. They’re equally directed at children and youths, teachers, trainee teachers and other educational staff.
The association is responsible for many different projects. The awareness raising project offers events for children and youths at schools and youth clubs. The project teach out provides training courses and pedagogical consultings for teachers and educational staff. In addition, ABqueer also took part in starting Trans*Inter*Beratung Berlin and the education initiative QUEERFORMAT.

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