Monumentenstraße 13, 10829 Berlin, Deutschland


The General Homosexual Working Group (AHA) was founded on 19 March 1974. It was developed by a group of gay men who came together after the dissolution of the IHWO (International Homosexual World Organisation) to create an association which was not only directed at an “exclusive” clientele of academics and students but rather attractive for a “general” audience. The AHA has been a gay and lesbian project since 1992. To this day the association has kept its non-commercial grassroots approach to political engagement and its existence is solely possible due to voluntary work, donations and membership fees.
What started as a weekly discussion evening to dismantle anxieties and prejudices developed into one of the most important institutions in the Berlin community over the years.
Amongst others the association Vorspiel SSL, the Schwules Museum* and the first Alternative Pride, forerunner of the Kreuzberg Pride, all originated from the AHA. Since 2010 the AHA has been located in the Monumentenstraße, where it offers an independent platform for new projects and initiatives in addition to its own projects.

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