BEGINE: Treffpunkt und Kultur für Frauen

Potsdamer Straße 139, 10783 Berlin, Deutschland



In 1986 the Begine was founded as a café and a cultural center in a house in Schöneberg which had been squatted and repaired by women as a self-help measure. “Living and working together” was the motto of the house project during the 80ies. With lots of active work the old building was put back into an inhabitable condition, creating living quarters for women and children, founding a sheltered shared flat for girls and making space for several women’s projects. The front room was turned into a café and event space for culture and parties. Being as refreshingly active and vibrant even after 32 years, this important Berliner cultural institution presents an amazingly diversified program spanning from a wide variety of concerts, comedy, theatre, book presentations or movie nights to info presentations and discussion meetings.

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