BiBerlin is the Berlin branch of the bisexual association “Bisexuelles Netzwerk - BiNe e.V.“. It’s a meeting point for everyone who is romantically, sexually or emotionally attracted to more than one gender.
BiBerlin is an open group, which organizes open meetings every last Thursday of the month in Sonntagsclub - providing the only meeting point for bi- and pansexual people in Berlin. In addition, there is bi coffee round every second Sunday for those who can’t make it in the evening during the week.
BiBerlin is happy to see more and more people joining the meetings.
Being bisexual means desiring both your own and the opposite sex as well as non-binary people.
This makes it all the more important making bisexuality visible - not only in society as a whole but also very much in our own community where bisexuals* often have to deal with prejudice and discrimination. BiBerlin takes part in the Lesbian and Gay Festival and joins Berlin Pride as a walking group.

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