Cafe Finovo on the Alte St.-Matthäus-Kirchhof

Großgörschenstraße 12-14, 10829 Berlin, Deutschland



Café Finovo is the first German café to be placed on a cemetery.
Finovo was established in 2006 by Berlin’s Polit-Tunte (political queen) Ichgola Androgyn in the former administrative building on the Alte St. Matthäus Kirchhof. The café invites people visiting the cemetery to linger while enjoying coffee and homemade cakes. It is a place for the living to communicate with the deceased and to meet other visitors, exchange stories and “to cry and laugh”. The name is a combination of the Latin words fin and novo: ending and (new) beginning.
The Alte St. Matthäus Kirchhof is in terms of cultural history one of the most important cemeteries in Berlin. Prior to the opening of Finovo it had already developed into a strongly gay influenced cemetery. Rainbow flags are waving on many graves. Ovo Maltine, Ichgolas long-term companion and friend, is also buried here and practically visited on a daily basis. Finovo is an amazing and unusual place to linger, spend time and to remember those “who have reached another level”.

Daily (except Monday) from 10:00 / Tuesday from 12:00
(Closing times depend on the season)

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