FFBIZ - the feminist archive

Eldenaer Str. 35, Berlin, Deutschland


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Since 1980 all feminists who truly wants to comprehend the history of the women’s movement have found the answers in FFBIZ. The feminist archive FFBIZ houses the biggest thematic collection of the “New Women’s Movement” (since 1968) in Germany.
A broad alliance of dedicated women, representatives from traditional women’s associations, parties and groups from the autonomous movement contributed to the foundation of the centre. From the beginning FFBIZ was much more than just an archive. In fact the information centre for women’s studies and women’s education counteracted the usually so rigid and hierarchical separation between university research and the extramural centres for women.
Today FFBIZ is the oldest research initiative within the context of the New Women’s Movement, which deliberately was founded as a self-help project outside of the universities and other established institutions. Nowadays the Berlin Senate funds the feminist archive as a women’s project.

Exhibition until 30 June
“Wir haben sie noch alle!” Perspectives on feminism, women’s movement and history.
The FFBIZ - the feminist archive celebrates its 40th birthday in 2018. To mark this occasion we are presenting controversial, exiting and curious objects from 40 years of archive history. We show the diversity of feminist themes and the large range of the material: From women’s strike to Jewish feminism. From demo call up to board game.

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