Frieda Women's Centre

Frieda Frauenzentrum, Proskauer Straße 7, 10247 Berlin


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Frieda Frauenzentrum e.V. has been around since 1990. Back then women* from the ranks of the citizen*movement “Neues Forum” came together to found the group in the district of Friedrichshain. Their goal was to promote women’s education, political and social work in the district as well as offer self-help support.
Meanwhile Frieda Frauenzentrum offers an extensive and impressive range of services:
Counselling with an anti-stalking focus as well as counselling regarding social and psychological issues. In addition, there are diverse cultural events, lectures, panel discussions and regular group offers ranging from a parent and child café with a toddler group to a lesbian* breakfast, from a sewing course to flamenco and relaxing massage.

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