LesMigraS und Lesbenberatung

Kulmer Stra├če 20A, Berlin, Deutschland



LesMigraS and Lesbenberatung: Anti-discrimination and anti-violence work and healthcare work in one location. The topics multiple discrimination and empowerment are of particular importance to us.

LesMigraS works according to the motto with heart and vision against violence and discrimination and offers free counselling and groups on these topics. Our counselling sessions for people experiencing multiple discrimination are provided by people who experience multiple discrimination themselves. The counsellings are aimed at young and adult lesbians, bisexuals, trans*, inter* and queer people.

The healthcare field offers counsellings and groups for the same target group. Topics are coming out, crisis, breakup, asylum, psychological problems, trans* (coming out, medical system, transition, informed consent), disabilities and ableism experiences, racism, sexualities, social isolation, violence in relationships and many more - whatever your topic, it is welcome.

We offer legal counselling in German, English, Arabic, French, Farsi, Kurdish or Russian and many different groups and events, such as our Young & Queer group that meets on a regular basis.

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