Bülowstraße 106, Berlin, Deutschland



Since 1990, the Berlin anti-violence project MANEO has been existing as an independent project of Mann-O-Meter e.V. to support gay or bisexual men, who have been affected by homophobic violence or discrimination. The project is intended for gay and bisexual youths and adults in Berlin – regardless of whether they are staying in Berlin as tourists or are living in Berlin permanently.
MANEO is partially funded by the Berlin Senate Administration. Their field of activity covers victim help, reporting, prevention and commitment. The two salaried employees and the 10 voluntary workers give advice to more than 300 victims of violence annually, records anti-gay acts of violence and provides violence prevention public relations work.
The competent advisory team is made up of experienced gay and bisexual men, who are committed to helping and supporting people after an act of violence or instance of discrimination and to strengthen their sexual self-determination.

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