Mann-O-Meter Berlin´s Gay Checkpoint

Mann-O-Meter e.V. Berlins schwules Informations- und Beratungszentrum, Bülowstraße 106, 10783 Berlin, Deutschland


© Bernd KraftMann O Meter


“ It has been for more than 30 years, that the name Mann-O-Meter stands for huge dedication in terms of Berlin´s gay community belongings. The offers provided by the Mann-O-Meter team are as diverse as gay life itself.(...) “ is what Klaus Wowereit is writing in his greeting. Besides education and information about HIV and Aids, Berlin´s gay checkpoint provides:
psychological consulting
youth work
work with the elderly (50+)
assistance of gay imprisoners
MANEO - the gay anti-violence project

The knowledge and experience about the fact, that a self confident and emancipated gay life
is the best prevention against HIV and Aids covers all of these fields. This is where all of the offers provided are working hand in hand. This is why Mann-O-Meter, where you find an information-shop as well as a cafe, one of the most important shelter places for gay men in berlin.

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