Police contact persons for LGBTI in Berlin

Columbiadamm 4 10965 Berlin


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Sebastian Stipp and Anne Grießbach-Baern are the contact persons for LGBTI of the Berlin Police. They will be pleased to advise you on all police relevant matters and if necessary facilitate the contact to a victim assistance project which can give you extensive legal and psychological support.
Amongst other things they also offer information about violence prevention, victim protection, complaints, about the campaign “Berlin liebt” and the project “Trans* in Arbeit” from the State Office for Equal Treatment and against Discrimination. The Berlin Police is a founding member of “Bündnis gegen Homophobie” and LSVD (Lesbian and Gay Federation in Germany) and a member of Maneo’s “Berliner Toleranzbündnis”. Sebastian Stipp and Anne Griesbach-Baerns will represent the Berlin Police at the Lesbian and Gay Festival with a prevention stand. Don’t hesitate to contact them personally on this occasion.

The contact persons for LGBTI of the Berlin Police can be reached under 030-4664979444.

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