Quarteera e.V - russian-speaking lesbians, gays, bisexuals, Trans*-persons and their friends in Germany



How it all began? There was this rainbow flashmob in 2009:
On may 17th russian activists let thousands of air ballons rise all over germany, - each of them provided a little note with wishes about acceptance and equality.
this was, when the people who launched quarteera (compounded of queer and art) and who since then raise attention with impressively creative and humorous public campaigns.
Besides this quarteera e.V. is a community of russian speaking LSBTTIQ*s and friends in germany.
They want to create an environment of acceptance and security, support russian speaking queer people coming to germany, having to fight with double discrimination as well as to call attention to the dicey situation of LGBTTIQ* s in russia and other post-sovjet countries.
Besides lectures, international exchange programs, different information opportunities you can join
excursions, seminars, workshops,exhibitions and parties.

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