Regenbogenfamilienzentrum (Rainbow family centre)

Cheruskerstra├če 22, Berlin, Deutschland


© Bjo╠łrn Sieverding, NELFARefegenbogenfamilien


The Rainbow Family Centre is a counselling centre and meeting point for LGBTTIQ* who have children or who are planning to. The centre was founded in 2013 by LSVD Berlin Brandenburg and has ever since been advocating for rainbow families to be be recognised, receiving equal rights to heterosexual families and for the kids of lesbian, gay, bi and trans* parents to grow up without discrimination and hostility.
The centre offers counselling if you are planning to have a baby, on cases of discrimination and family law. Events relevant to rainbow families take place on a regular basis. These include meetings for LGBTTIQ* planning to have children, a rainbow toddler group, meetings for gay dads, rainbow families with foster children and many other. In addition, the centre offers information and training courses for educational staff and multipliers*.

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