RuT Rad und Tat – open Initiative for lesbian women

Schillerpromenade 1, Berlin, Deutschland



In 1989 a group of older and disabled lesbians founded “RuT - Rad und Tat” in Neukölln. Back then, long before ‘inclusion’ even became a topic, the small self-help initiative managed to create an open and curious way of living together without discrimination. Today RuT is a social and cultural centre with a wide range of offers for women of all ages with and without disabilities.
Right now RuT e.V. are fighting for the inclusive lesbian housing project Rut - FrauenKultur&Wohnen. It entails the establishment of payable, barrier-free apartments to enable older lesbians, lesbians in need of care and lesbian refugees to lead a self-determined life. A café as well as culture and leisure activities are also part of the plan.

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