Lebensort Vielfalt House at Ostkreuz



A further location :Lebensort Vielfalt at Ostkreuz
It has been for more than 35 years, that gay and bisexual men find support and empowerment at Schwulenberatung Berlin : “Gays support gays”. For a couple of years this has been extended for trans+ and inter+ people.
Close to the station Berlin Ostkreuz a new place “Lebensort Vielfalt comes into beeing: with four assisted shared flats, each with seven places for people with mental impairment (gays,tran+ or inter+ with or without migration background)
On main floor you will find the café “transfair”, as working and activity project.
Assissted clients of “Schwulenberaqtung” will here have a possibility to work and gather experience. especially people with a refugee background will find a broad range of possibilities to learn about our culture.

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